Thursday, 19 July 2012

Wanton Noodle @ Coffee shop behind Courts

Hey there! So yesterday I posted on my Nasi Lemak food review. Today I'm going to post on another food review. I hope your taste buds are in a really good food.

So today I went to meet my friends to catch up on what's been happening on our daily lives. We decided to meet at Clementi Mall to have dinner at a near-by coffee shop as I have eaten there several times.

After we all met, we headed to the coffee shop. It is a 5-10 minutes walk from the mall. As we reached there around 6.30pm, we expected the place to be crowded as most of the people will be having dinner after coming back from work or school. I was surprised that the coffee shop was not crowded. We was able to find seats within minutes upon arrival.

Once we got our seats, I proceeded to order my food. I ordered Wanton Noodle at one of the stall (I can't remember the stall name). The meal cost me $3.50 which consists of wanton, slices of chicken meat, noodle and soup to complete it off.

Time for the review. The presentation of the meal was presented in such a way that it invites you to eat it as soon as you get it. The smell makes it more inviting. Before eating the noodle, you would have to mix it up as the chilli paste is at the bottom of the bowl. You would have to pour the soup onto the noodle in order to have the complete taste of the meal.

The wantons and slices of chicken meat compliment the meal perfectly. The noodle with the chilli paste adds the flavouring the entire meal.

I highly recommend this to everyone with a spicy taste buds. My overall rating would be 5/5. The loaction of the coffee shop with right behind Courts.

That's all for now. Till the next food review, this is Sulaiman signing off.


  1. Hi there food blogger, from the picture that you post the food definitely looks good and appetizing.Definitely a must try!!Just want to add on you should do a food review on their mini pot noodle which is one of their best food.Will be waiting for more food reviews from you!!

  2. @iamfiee Thanks for reading. Alight, I'll try their mini pot if I pop-by there someday. Thanks for the recommendation! :D