Saturday, 14 July 2012

Fat Fish (Thai Steamboat): A Great Gathering Dining Area For All!!!

Hey guys how you been this weekend? Hope you guys are healthy and enjoying good food out there. It’s me again back with a new post.  This time I am blogging about a Thai Steamboat called Fat Fish. This restaurant was actually discovered mainly due to my dad, as he has heard about this Thai steamboat from his colleagues. His colleagues have high praises for the food here.

So we decided to go it a try on Wednesday night to determine is this Thai steamboat really that good. As we don’t the exact location of the restaurant, we spent quite a couple of minutes finding it. It is actually located at the basement one at the Sembawang shopping center. So guys don’t be afraid I will be providing the full address to you, just in case you can’t find it on your own.

When we arrive at the restaurant, we have been greeted by a very polite staff. He showed us to our seat and explains the price range to us. He also brought us to the food section and explains about what are foods that are available there. I also notice that there are quite number of people dining at this restaurant. Even though it is newly open branch. So you want to try it out, do go now as I believed slowly it will be packed with people.

At this restaurant we are told that there are 2 choices of stock to choose from, chicken and tom yum. Both are equally nice so we decide to do a combo of it meaning we have two sides with different soup. When I first try the tom you soup, it is so delicious. It is not like the normal tom yum where it will be super spicy but the one I am having is rather more to the sour side. So I guess those not so spicy people will be able enjoy this tom yum here without fearing that it will be too spicy for you guys. So cheers for you guys!!!

Next up, I guess this everyone all-time favorite shabu shabu.They are two types of shabu shabu meat – beef and pork. I have to say the meats are sliced so thinly like a paper I think. Who cares about how it is sliced, the thing we care is about how it taste. This I can assure you that it is fantastically nice. It so juicy and it melt once it is in your mouth. Other than the fresh meat and seafood provided, the Fuzhou ball, salmon cheese stick, meat balls and dumplings were all equally nice too.

So guys I guess you must be craving for it now. Don’t just sit there go and try it out. Taste it and rate it yourself. Have a nice day!! Do look for my next post of food. Bye Bye!!!

Price Range:
Lunch Steamboat Buffet: $14.90++
Dinner Steamboat Buffet: $19.90++
*Additional $2 surcharge during Friday-Sunday, Eve PH and PH

Mall Name: Sembawang Shopping Center
Shop Name: Fat Fish Steamboat
Unit No.: #B1-12 to 14
604 Sembawang Road
Singapore 758459.
Contact Tel. No.: 6852 9161

By Matthews


  1. Never had thai steamboat before.Tom yum should be sour and glad to hear that it really is sour.Actually, I'm going to organise a dinner with my old school mates next month but I've got no idea where to go.But thanks to this post , I have decided on this restaurant!Thank you so much!

  2. This Thai restaurant look great.Been to a a lot of steamboat restaurant but never to find one satisfying,hope this you recommend will able to give me whole new experience on Thai food and also spark back my love for steamboat. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks Kevin for another comment on my post,I hope this restaurant can leave a wonderful impression for you and your friends.

  4. Hey Roger,thanks for commenting on this post.I can assure you will not regret trying this Thai steamboat restaurant.Hope this will become your favorite restaurant