Sunday, 15 July 2012

89.7 Supper Club Review!

Hey loyal viewers!Hafiz here doing a food review for this posting!Yesterday it was my parent's anniversary!Dad suggested to have dinner at this awesome food place.Its 89.7 Supper Club But guys don't be confuse with 89.7FM radio.Hahah!

As we were craving for some seafood.My family order seafood for dinner.We had Fried baby squid,Hotplate tofu,oyster omelette, Sambal stingray,Cereal prawns.The whole meal was about $60+.Kinda expensive.

          Now for the food reviews.Hmm...I find that the baby squids was crunchy with the nice sweet flavors.
The oyster omelette was delicious and fresh as i could taste the saltiness when i took a bite on the oysters.
I find the sambal stingray was'nt that good.I've tasted much better sambal stingray out there.But its not too bad.The price of the sambal stingray was kinda expensive $12.Then,It was my first time trying out the cereal prawns.I find it abit bland but you have to eat it with the cereal as the cereal has abit of spiciness.
Finally my favorite was the Hotplate tofu,It was fantastic!The tofu was soft and when you bite it,it feels like egg yolk.
My overall rating would be 7.5 of out 10.
I would give them a Thumbs up!

Well here are some more pictures i took there!Enjoy!

Thanks everyone for reading!Till Next time peeps!(By Muhd Hafiz)

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  1. Seeing the pictures already make my mouth water. The tofu do looks good. Its worth it spending a few dollars to get good food. I need to check this place out, shall bring my family who is a seafood lovers. Thanks Hafiz for the recommendation.

  2. I love stingray ! But 12 dollars is really expensive for a stingray dish .Overall looks good , should try it sometime.

  3. @Freakygurlz You should really check it out!You wont regret it =P

  4. @Andrew Yeah I also love stingray but this one is kinda expensive and i find it bland too.Maybe there was something wrong with my tongue.haha!(By hafiz)

  5. Never heard of this restaurant before, maybe shall try it someday with my family too and food looks delicious:D

  6. Looks good. SHall bring my friends there one day:)

  7. SCAM ALERT! Pls take note of this coffee shop
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    Need to specify "No ICE and not be COLD"...(WTF?). Keep insisting and blaming it on my order instruction.Whether you order in mandarin or english, your item would still come out wrong, and then cashier would charge double and blame you for miscomm!......Avoid at all COST!!