Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Casuarina Curry : An award-winning authentic prata restaurant

Hey guys it’s me again with a new post. Hope you guys are good and eating delicious food too. Today I will be introducing Indian food.  

This restaurant is called “Casuarina Curry” located at Upper Thomson area and it has a new branch open at MacPherson Road.  I guess you guys must be thinking that the restaurant introduce must be some normal prata restaurant, but tell you guys other than prata here also sell stuffs like mee goreng and nasi goreng. I had never eaten at this restaurant, but whenever we drive by the area there seems to be large crowd here. So on Friday night, we decided to give this restaurant a try. When we reach, we went in to find some seat and sit down. 

No after a while the menu was handed to us by the waiter which was quite fast I can say for them to realize we are there. While we browsing, I was tempted to try their mee goreng.  Because I tried a lot of mee goreng but none met to my expectations. My brother ordered the thosai while my mum order murtabak and my dad ordered nasi goreng. We also ordered the mutton soup and two teh tarik to try whether it’s nice. I noticed something the waiter was not actually looking at us or even writing down our orders. My dad was puzzled and asks him if he could remember everything, he says he can.

So we waited to see if he actually remembers, to our amazed he did get our orders wrong when serving up our foods. Finally my mee goreng arrive, the one I order is spicy one. Just to mention there has an additional egg too, I have never seen mee goreng with egg before. I have my first taste of the mee goreng I can say it’s well cooked. The spiciness of the mee goreng I can say is quite a mid-to-high level. If you are not good spicy eater, please order a non-spicy one. I am trying to save you here haha. The thosai, murtabak and nasi goreng are nice too. There is also a prata called “paper prata”, we did not try it but it looks great.  You guys should try it if you actually visit the restaurant.  There are also a lot of other types of prata, mee and rice. So you guys do not need to worry about the variety of foods here.

That is all for the post do go and try the food here. I can promise you guys will not regret on choosing here as a dining place. See you and bye!!! Look out for my next post.



  1. I will give it a try next time!

  2. This looks so delicious. Looking at your photos is so tempting, I am itching to eat asap when I'm back to Singapore (=^.^=)

  3. Thank Patricia for your comment.Do go and try it once you come back to Singapore.Can assure the food here in real life will definitely be more appealing than my photos.