Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ayam Briyani @ NP Makan Place

Hey guys it’s me back with a new post. Today I will be posting a food from my school Ngee Ann Polytechnic. You guys must thinking that there is no good food in a school cafeteria right haha. Tell you guys, you in from a surprise. The food I am introducing is nasi ayam briyani.  Yeah you guys might think what so special about this dish, it is so commonly found in any coffee shop. Tell you guys this briyani is definitely different from what you find outside, why I say this? This is because the rice and chicken is so well cooked that I have nothing to be picky about. As you guys know I am a fan of rice, if I am to finish the plate of rice that is a definitely something I can is really delicious. Oh by the way, the briyani level of spiciness might be quite a thing to handle for those not very good in taking spicy food. Why I say this, this is because I myself tried added chili and realized that the briyani itself is already spicy combine with the chili is like double the effect. So guys think people even adding the chili from this stall because it is hell of a spicy and, those non-spicy eaters have second thoughts trying this briyani if you are not afraid to spice yourself up then go ahead and eat it. This is all I have install for you guys, see you next time for the next post I am going do.

By Matthews



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