Sunday, 22 July 2012

Mutton Briyani @ The Bluemoon (Ngee Ann Poly)

It's me again Aizuddin bringing you another review. The stall that I'm going to review is in none other in good ol' Ngee Ann Poly! Located at Makan Place, The Bluemoon is almost always full of hungry students and staff queuing at the stall. The stall mainly serves Indian cuisine such as Briyani, Roti Prata and also Murtabak. This time, I tried their Briyani As I was there early, I was first in line and got my meal in no time.

At first glance, the mutton portion served is rather large. For just $3.50 that is quite a good deal. Firstly, I tried the vegetables. They were still fresh as they were still crunchy. I then tried the papadum which is some sort of  which is something like a cracker. I could tell it was recently fried as it did not taste rancid.Next I tried the mutton. It was cooked evenly and I could tear the meat into smaller pieces easily. That's enough of me talking. If you really want to know how it tastes like, come down to Ngee Ann to try it for yourself!


  1. Good review :D I'll be sure to try the briyani

  2. The briyani really looks tasty from the photo!

  3. Thank you for your comment! Stay tuned for more reviews!