Wednesday, 18 July 2012

834 Eating House Zi Char Stall: A Neighborhood Zi Char For All!!!

Hey guy, how are you doing? Hope you guys are eating well. Today, I will be introducing a zi char stall near my house. It is located at a coffee-shop called 834 eating house. I guess if people staying around woodlands should have heard of it.

This zi char stall has been around for some time already, because I have been living at this area for around 10 years. So which mean I have been eating food cooked here for like a few years. I can say that the food is quite nice personally, even though the foods are commonly found in any zi char stall.

I decided to blog about this is to let more people know about this stall. The price here is reasonable for a neighborhood stall. I went to have dinner here again on Saturday night. The food we ordered is claypot fish head, sweet and sour pork, homemade tofu with minced meat, and kang kong cooked with fermented beancurd sauce. 

The claypot fish head I can say it is quite perfectly done. As myself is a fan of fish, so one bite I will know whether the fish is fresh or not. So believe me when I say this fish that cooked is fresh because it is really fresh. Ok next dish up is the sweet and sour pork, this dish I can say is juicy and a bit of crispy. By the way quote from my brother he say “one stall which can cook the sweet and sour pork well means that the chef here is a very skillful chef”, this I have totally agree with him. The tofu here is also nice, because I eat a lot of similar kind of tofu at other zi char stall. So I can say that the tofu here is definitely delicious, plus the sauce it has is not too salty as compared to others. The minced meat is quite crispy too, by putting them together I can say is a heavenly match. The last dish is one of my favorite ~ kang kong with fermented beancurd sauce. This is definitely recommended to eat here or at other zi char stall, if you can take the usual sambal kang kong. The taste is hard to describe here unless you go and try it yourself. By the way, another dish I try here and want recommend to you guys is the curry fish head. This dish is quite spicy if you good spicy eater you should have no problem eating this.

So this is basic review of the stall for more in-depth reviews you have do it with your own tongue. Taste and judge it yourself!!! So this is it for the post, stay tuned for my next food post. Have a nice day!!!

Woodlands #01-89,
834 Woodlands Street 83, S730834

By Matthews


  1. Sounds good!! Great information for the post, shall go try it out.

  2. Hey Zhimin,thanks for commenting on my post.Do go try this stall out,hope you will like it.