Sunday, 22 July 2012

Grilled Fish Marinara @ Hungry Jack(Ngee Ann Poly)

Hello Blog viewers!Hafiz here to talk about food reviews in my school Ngee Ann Polytechnic.Today i've got a food review on this Grilled Fish Marinara.Its Italian food.I think its spaghetti/olio.Im not too sure.But the taste of it is nice.It has that sour taste. The price of the food is $5.80.Yeah.I find it kinda expensive but you can eat it once in a while.Now the Grilled Fish.I find it good because of the texture of the fish.The little crispy feeling outside and soft mushy in the inside.I find the taste just OK.The thing i dislike about the fish is that it has the fish smell.It would be great if they provided lemon.The overall rating is 6.5/10.Untill here guys!Hafiz here signing off.Do look out for future post!Thanks for your time!(By Hafiz)
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  1. Look forward to your next post!

  2. It looks amazing and i wanna try it soon

  3. Didn't know this place existed till u post it. Awesome! Will try it soon.

  4. Yeah sure!Do look out for more post!
    (By Hafiz)