Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Rong Cheng Bak Ku Teh (榕城肉骨茶): 30 years of Bak Kut Teh

Rong Cheng has been in the bak kut teh business for more than 30 years. The first time I heard of it is when I was watching the food show "Meat and Greed” on Channel 5. Before that I have completely no idea that this stall still exist in Singapore, because I thought all these kind of long history stall are hard to be kept around especially in a country like Singapore. As we know Singapore is getting more modernizes year by year, so if this stall still can keep a tough fight in the food industry. This means one thing the food must be heavenly delicious.

On Sunday, my family and I decided to go and give this bak kut teh a try. It is located in the 26 Sin Ming Lane #01-114/117 Midview City, Singapore 573971 operating daily from 07:00 - 16:00.
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When we walk in the restaurant, it was in the afternoon at that point of time. We were amazed that a lot of customers are dining in at the restaurant local or not. This proven one thing that there must be something unique about this bak kut teh here, if not why would the people come from different countries just to eat this. So we waited for our seat of four, luckily it’s not too long. We sat down and started browsing through the menu. My dad order a bowl of pig liver soup, another bowl of pork rib soup, braised pig intestines and a stir fry ginger-onion pig kidney. We waited for a couple of minutes before the dish are served up. When the food has yet to place on the table, I can already smell the aroma of all these foods. I can tell that these foods must be delicious to some extent. But we can’t tell yet until we taste it.

So I went to have a taste of the soup first after the dishes have been placed on the table. Frankly speaking the soup was not too spicy maybe because I taste from the soup that the pepper they put is not too much. So I think those people who can’t take very spicy food can try this, as I personally think this soup might be the one suitable for you guys. I need to mention another thing about the soup is that here the soup are clear- based because they are done in the teochew style of cooking and they don't use soy sauce to flavor the soup, so that you get to taste more of the original flavor of the pork. I went to have a bite of the pork rib next. To my amazed, the meat was not very tough though it look bigger as compared to other bak kut teh stalls. The pig liver soup has not much difference as the pork rib soup. But the liver I can say they did a good job in cooking it, because it is nicely cook and it is soft to chew unlike some stalls.

The next dish that I went to eat was the braised pig intestines and stir fry pig kidney. The first bite of the braised pig intestines, I was like ‘oh my god’ is this for real!? I was asking this to myself, because the sauce for the pig intestines was such a perfect match with the intestines itself. So if you are Chinese really, go try this. I bet you will not regret eating this, trust me. Oh yeah the last dish stir fry pig kidney, when I first saw it was still having some blood around it. So I thought it will not be cooked fully yet, but I was wrong so wrong about this. This kidney was so perfectly done, that I can say it’s my personal favorite now in this restaurant. Why I say it’s perfectly done? Because it is soft and tender plus a bit of juicy, imagine like you were munching a marshmallow. 

After finishing all the dishes, I can say this place is definitely worth your time to come and eat. I will definitely come back again for it, because I really had good food experience here in this restaurant. Hope you guys go check it out and judge the food by your own tongue. Decide yourself is the food nice or not. So until next time, I shall stop blogging now. Do look out for my next post of food. Bye bye!!!

By Matthews


  1. Hey blogger,
    the way you present the "Rong Cheng Bak Ku Teh (榕城肉骨茶): 30 years of Bak Kut Teh", make me feel like giving it a try. The soup of the Bak Ku Teh is really clear which i really like but you mention that the soup is not spicy maybe i might need add pepper.
    As for the fry liver, you mention that you still can see some blooding when been serve it is the "best timing" to eat but until now i stop eatting fry liver as i have tried few not nice but no harm trying it out.
    Wonder how much does it cost for you and your family?

  2. Hey Vinson,
    If i did not remember wrongly, the total is $40 when my family and i went to eat at Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh.

  3. Hi blogger and wow, what a wonderful review of this bak ku teh store. Just by reading this, i can feel that the food over there is going to be very delicious and i really feel that i will regret it if i do not visit the store and try out the food. Maybe i should take some time out and go visit the store with my family and friends.

  4. Hey swanton951,
    Thanks for compliment.I will work even harder now to introduce more delicious food to you guys.

  5. Hi! So far when i'm in Singapore, I've never had Bak Ku Teh outside.Been eating the one my Grandma cooks.To have this food stall give you such enjoyment, it must be really delicious.Well, since young, I do not like pig kidney, since it felt rather weird when I chew it.But i will give your favourite stir fry pig kidney!
    Nice post! keep it up!

  6. Thank Kevin for your compliment, I hope this stall is able to satisfy your taste buds as the same this stall did to mine.